• You are paying too much for Internet Access!

How do we know? You are not with USI...

• Incredible range for services.

Not within the boundaries for shared services like cable or DSL? Not to worry, we can serve you dedicated high speed internet right to your location. We have no distance limitations on our services. Whether you are right downtown, way out east, or far out west, it makes no difference.

• Unparalleled Reliability

This is not like up and down slow shared services offered by Cox or Ma Bell or like wireless solutions that require towers or removing trees and fade out in the rain. Our service is 100% reliable, painless to order, and itís affordable.

• Direct Access to Tier One Network

What is a tier one provider you might ask? Itís the heart of the internet backbone plain and simple. If you are going to Kansas City, do you want to drive to Atlanta first? Hop on the superhighway right here in Topeka and your next stop is your destination, not some router in a closet outside Fort Worth Texas.

• Amazing Tech Support

Ever tried to call Ma Bell with a problem? How long did you stay on hold? Do you know why? They donít care! We monitor your circuit 24/7 and we do care. This is all that we do and we are the best. Call us, and then talk to some of our clients.


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