• Industry Standard T1 Circuits

This standard is the backbone of the telecommunications industry. It is dedicated 1.544 mbps, guaranteed full duplex up/down bandwidth. It is not limited by location in our service area. USI uses special raw HDLC compression on our circuits to significantly increase bandwidth. Customers receive up to a 20% gain over normal 1.544mbps T1 circuits and significant gains over lower performance T1 frame relay services.

• USI Dedicated T1

Fast, much more dependable then shared services like cable, DSL, or wireless. With a bandwidth of 1.544 mbps, our T1 circuits offer speeds more than thirty times as fast as regular dial-up!! Additionally, with USI's HDLC compression, the speeds are increased even more. Unlike cable and dsl, these circuits offer rock solid performance with guaranteed full duplex up/down bandwidth, which means your speeds are the same both uploading and downloading. No more waiting for several minutes just to send a large e-mail attachment. Excellent for small business remote office links and internet services.

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• USI Slick Circuit 3300+

With no distance limitations from a Central Office Switch, USI's Slick Circuit 3300+ offers dedicated full duplex up/down bandwidth exceeding 3.3 mbps. This is over 60 times faster than a standard 56k modem!! USI's Slick Circuit 3300+ uses inverse-multiplexing to bond two T1 circuits and add HDLC compression to offer amazing full-duplex speeds. Excellent transport for small to medium sized businesses for remote office connectivity and internet access.

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• USI Slick Circuit 6600+

USI's Sick Circuit 6600+ is a very fast dedicated circuit with multiple redundant links to the network backbone. Excellent for bandwidth hungry networks and intensive internet services. Great choice for providing online banking services and online large capacity web services and sales. Full duplex speed exceeds 6.6 mbps. An amazing 120 times faster than standard dial-up!

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• Custom Products

While the above mentioned products are by far the most popular choices we provide, Univeral Systems is dedicated to providing any solution necessary to meet your needs. In addition to our T1-based products, we are equipped to handle circuits up to 45 mbps if needed. If your business is in need of a higher-capacity solution than those mentioned above, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are here to provide the best solution for your business network needs.

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